Thursday, March 11, 2010

EME NEWS (MAR 11, 2010)

EME NEWS (MAR 11, 2010)


ABU DHABI (UAE): 400 m world champion Sanya Richards said for Runners World that : Yes, we’ve been honeymooning, but we must be the only couple that’s worked out every day on our honeymoon. Both Aaron and I have trained every day that we’ve been here. The first couple of days, we got to run on the beach. We had a beautiful hotel in Abu Dhabi. We lifted weights in the weight room. We went to the desert for the next few days, and we didn’t run there, but I did get to run on the treadmill and I did my lifts and my core and all that stuff so I’ve still been training every day. Coach Hart just told me not to lose anything over this 10-day period, but I had been training hard prior to it, so as soon as I get back out it will be at a very high level.” She plans opening race at Texas Relays in Austin in 4x400 m and maybe 4x100 m. For individual opener Michael Johnson Invitational in Waco and she is signed to IAAF Diamond League to start on May 14 in Doha where she will compete. Richards admitted she might travel to Doha to see the competition.

ROME (ITA): Elisa Riguado, Beijing Olympic bronze medalist in the 20 km walking, will take a break from training as she has announced her pregnancy. Riguado is over the moon with the news: „When I received confirmation of my pregnancy I was on cloud nine, I think for a woman to bring a child into the world is the greatest thing. For me it‘s another dream come true. I always wanted to have a family and this was the right year to do it“ Riguado was quoted. She will go back to training as soon as possible after the pregnancy and has her aim set at the 2011 World Championships and 2012 Olympics.


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