Monday, March 15, 2010

EME NEWS (MAR 15, 2010)

EME NEWS (MAR 15, 2010)


DOHA (QAT): The Council finalized new regulations in regard to Athletes Representatives (managers). This is concerning only managers of athletes who are in top 30 in the world. The regulations include a preliminary examination (organized at Area level) and provision of professional liability insurance or a bank guarantee for the minimum amount of USD 30 000. Failure to meet obligations will result in sanctions including but not limited to reprimands, fines and rights of representation. Authorizations will be valid for a period of 4 years. In current situation the licence is given for one year and the fee is 500 USD.


BEST RESULTS: Best individual male result in Doha was according to IAAF scoring tables the 601 of Steve Hooker in pole vault (worth of 1259 points). Best female is Jessica Ennis and her pentathlon 4937 points what is 1247 points. In men ranking second is Dayron Robles with 1258 points for 7.34 at 60 m hurdles and third world record in triple jump by Teddy Tamgho (1254). Second best women result is 20.85 shot put of Nadezhda Ostapchuk (1239) and third the 7.72 of Lolo Jones at 60 m hurdles (1228). Best second places in men events Terrence Trammell´s 7.36 at 60 m hurdles (1252) and Natalya Dobrynska and her 4851 in pentathlon (1224). Best oval performances in men section 7:37.97 for Bernard Lagat at 3000 m (1214) and 1:58.26 by Mariya Savinova at 800 m (1208).


SYDNEY (AUS): In the final day of the Australian Junior Championships both Ella Nelson and Mathew Turk have booked their tickets to the World Junior Championships in Canada by winning the 200m in 23.70 and 21.29. Other World Junior qualifiers were for Jenny Blundell, who won the 800m in 2:06.57, and Alex Rowe who won the boy‘s race in 1:49.33. World youth silver medalist Amy Pejkovic confirmed her automatic selection by winning the high jump in 183. Australia‘s teams for the World junior championships and World youth Games will be announced later this week, says


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